Chapter Focus Week InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a inter-denominational fellowship that seeks to serve Jesus Christ on campus and in the community. We strive to make an impact on our campus, serving God in our community, and have fun doing it. This is the time to come to the Lord, to serve him, and to be in fellowship with him.

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Upcoming Events

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Impact, our large group meeting, provides a way for the entire chapter to join together in Biblical teaching and fellowship. Unless stated otherwise, Impact will meet Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the MUB, room B001.

Upcoming Impacts

03/01 - Isaac Stone will be discussing Joel the minor prophet.

03/08 - Pastor Levi of Evangel Baptist Church will be continuing the discussion on Joel the minor prophet.

03/15 - Spring Break!  Make sure to go to the MUP registration page to sign up for MUP!

03/22 - John Jaszczak will be finishing the discussion on Joel the minor prophet.


Crater is the fun social event that (eventually) follows Impact.  Crater could be anything from a homework party to a treasure hunt.  After Impact, stay a while and enjoy the fun and games.

This week's Crater will be a a bake-off!  Head on over to Hillside and show off your food-making magic!  Teams will be judged based on how the food tastes, how it is presented, and most importantly, how much they suck-up to the judges.

Verse of the Day

New To Michigan Tech

We would like to welcome anybody that is new to Michigan Tech.  The campus is a great place to meet new people, opportunities and more.  We welcome you to participate in any event that IVCF puts on.  God bless. 

Looking for a Local Church?

Our church list is now available online, with chuches in the Houghton area.

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