Impact, our large group meeting, provides a way for the entire chapter to join together in Biblical teaching and fellowship. Unless stated otherwise, Impact will meet Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the MUB, room B001.

Upcoming Impacts

04/26 - The moment we've all been waiting for, Senior Moments of Genius!  This is also the last Impact of the semester. This Impact will also be in M&M U115.


Crater is the fun social event that (eventually) follows Impact.  Crater could be anything from a homework party to a treasure hunt.  After Impact, stay a while and enjoy the fun and games.

This week's Crater will be the End of Year Party!  At this point, still nobody visits this site so I'm leaving this message for Gio to find and fix.  Consider this an Easter Egg.  Or a remnant of my existence...