Impact, our large group meeting, provides a way for the entire chapter to join together in Biblical teaching and fellowship. Unless stated otherwise, Impact will meet Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the MUB, room B001.

Upcoming Impacts

03/01 - Isaac Stone will be discussing Joel the minor prophet.

03/08 - Pastor Levi of Evangel Baptist Church will be continuing the discussion on Joel the minor prophet.

03/15 - Spring Break!  Make sure to go to the MUP registration page to sign up for MUP!

03/22 - John Jaszczak will be finishing the discussion on Joel the minor prophet.


Crater is the fun social event that (eventually) follows Impact.  Crater could be anything from a homework party to a treasure hunt.  After Impact, stay a while and enjoy the fun and games.

This week's Crater will be a a bake-off!  Head on over to Hillside and show off your food-making magic!  Teams will be judged based on how the food tastes, how it is presented, and most importantly, how much they suck-up to the judges.