Help us Out


One does not simply plan Impact.  If you would like to help orchestrate our large group gatherings, contact James Dykstra at, or feel free to crash the meeting.  We meet from 3-4 PM on Friday in either the DHH center lounge or the DHH conference room, right next door.


Craters don't just happen either.  If you are creative and like to help people have fun, send Rayni Brill and email at  Crater planning meetings are from 6-7 PM on Monday, feel free to stop by the DHH conference room and lend a hand.


We are always looking for musicians to help out with worship.  If you're good with an instrument, regardless of what it might be, send David Brown an email at  Don't be shy, we've had pianists, violinists, guitarists, floutists, bassists, and several different types of drummers.  We also need vocalists.  If you can carry a tune, don't hesitate to let David know.


As mentioned above, Impact doesn't simply happen, there is a fair amount of setup that goes into each event.  If you would like to help out with setup, teardown, running sound, or assisting the webmaster of this most marvelous site, send Zach DeKraker an email at