We believe that God hears our prayers and praying with a community of believers is powerful and effective!

Prayer Groups

Since the start of IVCF at Michigan Tech, as a Chapter, we were required to have Daily Prayer Meetings, or DPMs. These prayer meetings were group prayer where we would come together and prayer for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Now after a lot of prayer, we decided to remove DPMs and move daily prayer into prayer groups. The focus in these groups is that we will come together and listen to God's voice and pray as He leads us. We desire this to be an intimate prayer time and a devoted prayer time as prayer groups are selected.

Our goal is to increase attendance in God's throne room as we pray together and take His will seriously. To become a part of a prayer group, please email

Community Prayer Meetings

In addition to the prayer groups, each community often has regular prayer meetings throughout the year. Check each community's page to see when and where they meet. Many small groups also get together to pray.

24-Hour Prayer

Occasionally we will have a bigger prayer "event," such as 24-hour prayer, where people in our chapter sign up for a time slot, and we have continual prayer for our campus for a day.

Personal Prayer

However, these organized prayer times are not designed to replace personal prayer. We believe that God desires an intimate relationship with each of us, and we develop this through individual Bible study and prayer, in addition to group activities like prayer, Bible study and Large Group.