Retreats and Conferences

As an InterVarsity chapter, we have a number of opportunities away from Tech to grow and recharge spiritually, both specifically for our chapter and for chapters throughout our area.


We typically have two retreats during the school year: the first is held early in the fall semester at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp in Eagle River; the time and location of the winter/spring retreat vary and are announced during the course of the year.

The retreats give us an opportunity to get away from school for a weekend and enjoy quality fellowship and teaching.

Conferences and Training

  • Cross Training is at the end of the fifth week in the fall. This year it is at the Kalahari Waterpark at the Wisconsin Dells and has many track that train you in different ways.   
  • The Milwaukee Urban Program is an inner-city missions project during spring break.
  • Chapter Focus Week is the flee after spring finals at Cedar Campus.
  • Urbana is a triennial missions conference. The next one is December 27–31, 2018
  • The School of Leadership Training is a four-week summer leadership program at Cedar Campus.