Small Group Leader Resources

"My friend Alan was able to dispense with the arguments, but he was unable to explain away the activity of God's love in those of his friends who believed."  (Charles Moore)

Robert Howe thinks: "My hypothesis is this: all the mission-trip blessings of great love, joy, purpose and fellowship are the natural consequences of placing God’s mission as our first priority. When we embrace the mission of sharing the love of Christ with the whole world, changes happen in the community of believers."  I add that we should, however, not to get busy with the mission and forget the mission-giver. Mary was commended over Martha.

On this page are resources to help out you, the small group leader. If you pull from these ideas, hopefully you'll spend less time trying to be creative and more time having fun and loving with your small group. If you have anything to add to this page, let Zach DeKraker or James Dkystra know.


  • 2 truths and a lie
  • Everyone writes 3 "What if..." statements or questions. Trade papers, write answers, and share.
  • Have everyone organize in a line by: birthdate, first name, last name (Superlative Game)
  • Human Knot (Success depends on how you plug it)
  • Put fears in a hat
  • "All My Neighbors"
  • Get in pairs, learn about each other, then introduce your partner to the group (make it harder by saying they can't talk)
  • Announce something you've done that nobody else has
  • Create a list of things you all have in common
  • Write about yourself on a notecard, mix it up, get a new notecard and find its owner
  • Make 2 teams, race to make a mummy of someone using toilet paper
  • Make art on an index card with chewed gum
  • Toss a ball of yarn around, hold onto the string. Answer a couple questions when it's tossed to you
  • "Talking behind your back"
  • "Bite the bag"
  • Introduce yourself with words but without sentences
  • Put get-to-know-you questions on paper inside balloons. Pop the balloons and answer the questions.
  • Share what is completely opposite of you.
  • "Take as much as you need"
  • Battle Scars: Explain all your scars
  • Tarp Flip (aka Magic Carpet)
  • Name game ball toss (a Camp Mel Trotter classic)
  • In pairs: 60sec to share about yourself, partner then has 30sec to write down everything she remembers
  • Share your hometowns on a map and why you're at Tech
  • Easy Intro Sheet! 
  • Try to stare at each other without laughing

Informal Community Building

Any Team Sport (Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball)
  • Wal-mart runs
    Just take a walk together
    Go out to look at the stars (Midnight walk)
    Watch the sunset
    Watch the sunrise
    Go to IV events together, like DPM's, Impact
    Fisher Movies
    Just TALK!
    Study together
    Go take pictures of stuff
    Play hide and go seek
    Play Cards
    Break out a board game: Settlers of Catan
    Eat together
    Make grilled cheese--in the microwave :)
    Bake cookies
    Pray together
    Go to a Rozsa event together
    Vespers, Retreats
    Do GIG training together
    Pray for unbelievers around you

Organized Community Building

  • Early morning prayer 
  • Late night prayer
  • Bowling
  • Assassins! 
  • Go around and collect people's cans
  • Anything with free food
  • Rake leaves for people
  • Arrange an afternoon at the park
  • Huge list of RA Programming Ideas, not all appropriate:
  • Huge list of Service Ideas

Small Group Challenge Ideas (Hype it up!)


  • Free Bibles - IV Office (MUB 106)
  • Hymnal - Office, also Brian's room 316E Wads
  • GIG Guides - Office
  • Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties - Brian 316E Wads
  • New Bible Dictionaries - Office, there's an old one in 316E Wads

Other Reading

  • Check out the Impact library

Other Resources

  • The Front Desks has projector and board games